Customer Service

At Callmax, we understand how vital customer service is, and that every interaction with your customers is extremely important. The Callmax team works closely with you to clarify the requirements needed to keep your customers happy. We use cutting edge technologies to guarantee top-quality communication with your customers. Our professionally trained agents and supervisors help our clients reach business goals with ease. The Callmax team is professional, efficient, and dedicated to improving your bottom line.

Outsourcing Market

Total contract value of the business process outsourcing (BPO) market worldwide in 2017 was 24.6 billion dollars.

Market Growth

Outsourcing is an ever-increasing market, and has seen growth up to 43% in the various industries in 2017.

Positive Feedback

78%of businesses all over the world feel positive about their relationship with their outsourcing company.

Back Office

Besides for a front-end support team, you also need a strong back office team to maintain a constant management of your systems. An organization’s back office management can significantly impact its success. With regular quality assurance, system maintenance and software updates, your Callmax Back Office Support team will simplify things for both your on-site staff and at-home personnel. We offer auto-cad operators, bookkeeping services, and full data processing to help you keep your offices thriving and in order. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis that require effective back office solutions to manage competently. Callmax is a reputed leader in empowering businesses and organizations through high-quality back office services.

Business Continuity

45 % of mid-market business leaders said ensuring business continuity was a major factor in their decision to outsource back-office services.

Back Office Costs

In the US alone, DMG estimates that the cost of back-office activities was $758.8 billion in 2014, 4.4% of the country’s $17.4 trillion gross domestic product.

Customer Inquiries

By various estimates, approximately 20% of all inquiries received by customer service departments and contact centers result from mishandling by the back office.


Top-notch receptionists can be a valuable asset to any company. Callmax’s receptionist team is comprised of hardworking, efficient receptionists, who are more than capable managing the front lines of your business. They are trained to take calls, and messages, as well as to facilitate tasks per call as directed.

data entry

Data entry is actually a very broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. These include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks. Data entry is one of the most common back office tasks in which growing businesses need to improve. At Callmax, we help streamline data entry tasks with our meticulous attention to detail and efficient processes.


Callmax is here to provide your company with the expertise, infrastructure, and technology to maintain an efficient, results-proven tech- support center. Our team will be there for your customers 24/7, ready and willing to assist whenever the need should arise. Let your customers know you will always be available, always ready to accommodate any needs or requests they may have. Callmax will provide you with a structured work team and a cutting-edge technology platform to help you reach your goals.

email support

Callmax now offers email support to help you respond to your customers and provide updates regarding your business. We use innovative and creative methods to enhance customer experience, and to ensure that responses are given in real time. Email support helps you improve client satisfaction by ensuring that your customers are well informed and satisfied about the products and services you offer.

Billing / AR

The importance of an orderly and systematic billing system in successfully running a business cannot be overstated. Without an efficient and organized system and accounting staff, a business can lose all chance of success. Callmax can provide you with an extremely efficient and qualified team to help keep the financial aspect of your business in order, therefore greatly increasing the chance of profit and financial success.

Graphic Art

Callmax has the answer to every need that may arise in your business – including design needs. Callmax can provide your company with talented, super-capable graphic artists who can showcase what you do for the world. Brochures,ads, logo, and more – any design need you may have, Callmax is here to fill it.

interior/exterior design

Do you need help designing the perfect office space? The Callmax team can provide you with custom, stylish and contemporary solutions, helping you create unique spaces and timeless design. We offer a full range of services, from conceptual development to construction administration. Our design team can provide architectural plans, elevations, renderings, and detailed shop drawings. We make it our business to learn about you and your commercial space to help bring your design ambitions to life.

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